Ortho K in North Yorkshire, Alexander Optometrists

Ortho K at Alexander Optometrists – “A new way to see”

What does it do?

Ortho K is a non surgical alternative to Laser treatment for myopic corrections. It enables the user to be spectacle/contact lens free during the day.
Not only does it give freedom to adult wearers but it may benefit teenagers and young children by stabilising their prescription and may prevent myopic progression.
Also Ortho K can be very beneficial to Swimmers/ Sports people/ workers in dusty or dirty environments, or even those who do long hours in dry/air conditioned environments e.g. hospitals or large corporate buildings, where traditional contact lenses may dry out.
It is non surgical, non invasive, unobtrusive and reversible.

How does it do it?

You wear contact lenses to sleep in over night which you remove on waking; these lenses are made from a high oxygen permeable rigid material that reshapes/remoulds the cornea to the ideal shape.
You are assessed and monitored using the very latest innovative technology called a Topographer, this tells us the shape of your eye like a contour map, which is then used to calculate the geometry of a lens needed to reshape your cornea. Many people liken the practice to wearing a set of braces for your teeth at night to correct your smile.

Does it work for everyone and is it guaranteed?

The success rate is high but can’t be guaranteed.
Rate of improvement varies from patient to patient and retained lens wear is necessary and instructions must be followed implicitly or your cornea will revert back to the original shape.
Some wearers eyes will change significantly faster than others and in some cases ocular rigidity will allow almost no change in corneal shape, and this will be deemed as not suitable for continued wear.

Why should I do it?

For high myopes it may result in improvement of functional vision, it can improve a required visual standard in some occupations e.g. police, fire
It can be constantly re adapted to changes in prescription.
It is not as likely to leave hazy vision as some laser treatments may.
On going costs are no more expensive than normal spectacle/contact lens replacements.
New on going developments ……an enzyme is being developed that would hold the corneal shape for extended periods, hopefully for up to one year, without the need for any contact lens wear or spectacle wear during that time.

General information

The aim is to achieve no correction during the day as quickly as possible but this may take several days, during which time you may want to use a lower powered soft contact lens until full correction is achieved.
A rapid change to corneal change happens initially, slowing down as treatment continues.
The retainer lens may need to be worn nightly or every 2nd or 3rd day depending on the individuals requirements. In the beginning, if the vision degrades slightly during the evening, quicker results may be achieved if the lenses are kept in situ for approx 30 mins-1 hour after waking or before retiring.

I am interested, what do I do now?

First you need to complete the suitability questions below. This will indicate whether your prescription can be corrected by Ortho K. The next step will be to arrange an appointment at the practice for an initial assessment, this is a long appointment and you will be asked to prepay for this, cost is between £50 and £100.

Once you are deemed suitable, the contact lenses will be ordered. Initial payment and your bank details for the direct debit will be taken ready for the completed fitting.
A further appointment is then made to check the optimal fit and vision. The lenses can then be inserted the first night after receiving them. It is usual to review the following day, the 7th day and the 14th day after collection for monitoring the fit and vision. It may be necessary to make adjustments to the lens fit along the way. Once the required result is reached it is advisable to be seen for check ups twice a year to ensure on going stable vision and optimum health of the eyes. Replacement lenses are normally provided annually.

Suitability Questions

Ortho K is only suitable for short sighted (myopic) prescriptions, if you are unsure about your prescription please contact the practice or refer to the questions below.

  1. Do you need a correction for reading only?
    (If YES then not suitable)
  2. Do you need a correction for distance only? i.e. can you read without spectacles/contact lenses
    (If YES then probably suitable)
  3. Do you have astigmatism (a cyl) less than 1.00?
    (If YES then probably suitable)
  4. Are you short sighted but wear varifocals?
    (If YES then you may need monovision (one eye distance/one eye reading) and/or reading glasses therefore probably suitable)
  5. Are you completely happy with your current contact lenses?
    (If YES, why do you want to change?)
  6. Do you want Ortho K just because it is new/different?
    (If YES then you may not achieve long term wear or lapse from the regime of wearing and cleaning the lenses.)

If you feel that you are motivated to go ahead with the initial assessment for Ortho K: Please contact the practice (a copy of your last prescription is useful, no matter how old! -we will ask you details from it) and book an appointment, as the consultation fee is payable at the time of booking, please have your debit/credit card details ready.

Ortho K is the name given to IGO Lenses, DREAMLITE Lenses, Number 7 laboratories Reverse Geometry lenses, CRT (corneal refractive therapy)